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Ptil Tekhelet has been making the mitzvah of Tekhelet available to the Jewish people for over 30 years.

Join us for our 22nd Annual Ptil Tekhelet Raffle in honor of Parshat Truma – the first time that Tekhelet is mentioned in the Torah.

The raffle is free – no strings attached! All you have to do is enter your email to win.

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Some of the prizes

In the spirit of Truma – giving – this year Ptil Tekhelet will be donating to lone soldiers and needy Yeshiva students.

The more raffle entries, the more Tekhelet we will give away. Help us give more! Invite your friends to join the raffle by entering their email as well.

The raffle will take place Motzai Shabbat, Parshat Vayakhel-Pikudei (Hachodesh).
The winners will be announced that Sunday, March 14th. Winners will be contacted.
Good luck!
Ptil Tekhelet